From Here to There to Japan One Day


(Photos courtesy of Stephen, more photos)

Firstly, kudos to Enda and Alan for pulling this all together along with the sponsers of Mulley Communications, Spunout and Microsoft for supporting an Xbox 360. I know I had an awesome day for TeenCamp Ireland and I’m sure everyone else had a great time. It was great to meet the people behind the names on twitter and on the blogs. 

Caught the train up to Dublin with Tommy, nearly fell asleep a few times too. We met Alan at the train station, he was our elected guide through the streets of Dublin. Even Joe grabbed the Luas with us and soaked up our youthful energy for a while. I was so focused on the landmark of the store I buy my manga from until a pidgeon surprised me. I swore at it but I realised it was a crow, *shakes fist at Mister Crow-Pidgeon*.

The troublesome trio of Tommy, Alan and I swanned to the Filmbase basement around eleven and began our setting up activities. First up was Tommy and his talk.

I was up second talking about manga and anime but I think I was lucky enough to escape being recorded, as far as I know. So here’s a pic instead.


Later on there were some very interesting talks from David about the internet and programming, which has re-ignited my interest in web design. ChrisD gave a talk about gaming which was very humourous especially when the bear got caught in the rafters of Filmbase, take a look at the pictures. 🙂  Cian spoke about podcasting, which I thought was very informative as I didn’t really interact with podcasts until about a week ago.  

Without a doubt the best talk was by Ben called “How Tech Hooks You Up”. I didn’t take down his number though! 😀

A great experience and I know that I’d go again in a heartbeat. Keep up the great work guys!!


13 Responses to “TCI”

  1. Ah yes, the *evil* crow-pidgeon! *shakes fist*

  2. I’m gonna make it my mission to track down a recording of your talk… 😛

  3. @Alan Damn Dublin crows out to get me!

    @Daniel I don’t think there is a recording but now I’m in fear since I think you’ll be determined enough. 🙂

    @Thomas Until next year. Or until the summer when I’m sure someone will come up with another event just for the pizza. 🙂

  4. I’ll get CCTV footage 😛
    And by my mission, I just mean I’ll ask around on twitter 😛

  5. @Daniel I think the closest you’ll get to is a picture. 🙂 I was told afterwards I sounded like “a Valley girl” but I like to think it was my enthusiasm coming through. 😀

  6. Ah yeah, your enthusiasm definitely came through IMO. It was a great talk (despite me not really having a great interest in anime/manga). Also, just do yourself a favour, save up and go to Tokyo, you wont regret it! 😀

  7. @Daniel I plan to get to Japan someday…….. and it’ll be freaking awesome!!

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  9. It’s mindblowingly awesome!! Everything from the train station melodies to Tokyo Tower, plus all the Geeky stuff of course 😛

  10. Great to meet you Klara 🙂

    Great day had by all! Even if Tommy was a bit too snoopy on the mobile phone!

    Sorry i missed your presentation, but us older folk find it harder to get out of bed!

  11. @Ben Older folk eh? Swanning in at whatever time suits them. 😀

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