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Blog Birthday Presents

Almost a year ago I decided to start up my blog Klaraflame and although I’m passionate about Japanese culture, as everyone saw from my talk at TCI, I’m of the mind to expand my blogging horizons. I’ve come to the conclusion since Christmas, having more time does not necessarily equate to getting more tasks and blogging done. I was considering starting up a new personal blog but I doubt I’d have have the stamina to contribute to both without one of them eventually falling by the wayside. I hope to blog more about personal matters and  I will always have my set of Chibi Links. It’s more interesting to have a snippet of a life rather than the fortnightly reviews of manga and anime but don’t be mistaken I do have at least a dozen anime reviews rolling around in my head with about twenty or so drafts with a couple of sentences.

It’s January, the wallet emits a little puff of air from the Christmas spending and the manga forecast looks grim for the next month or so. In celebration of the first year of Klaraflame, there’s a little competition I have to tell you about. It’s important to note that the following prizes have been funded through my own pocket so please bear that in mind.

All you have to do is leave a comment and a reason why you’d like to win. I have an independent observer and I’ll post worldwide too. 🙂

Closing date is Monday 26th January at 12.00 p.m. GMT.

Results to be announced on Tuesday the 27th January.

1st Prize

Volume one of Blood+

2nd Prize

A Pucca diary memo, I was trying to be as gender neutral as possible. 🙂


Best of luck!


8 Responses to “Blog Birthday Presents”

  1. Happy Birthday to your blog 🙂

    Yes, blog about what is the most interesting to you 🙂

  2. Ah nice idea to celebrate your blog anniversary 🙂

    Enjoyed the talk and only realised afterwards that the other half had seen both of those films in your sides… I was in forbidden planet in belfast on Sunday and really wanted to pick up a manga comic I really did, but it’s the noses that scare me, so I stuck to my marvel titles :/

    Anywho continued success and would be nice to see some personal entries here too

  3. Happy Birthday klaraflame.wordpress.com !

    I’d like to win because I only own one real manga volume, and no Pucca diary’s! Also, when I watched Neon Genesis Evangelion the first time I was too confused at the end to know if I liked it or not. So to make sure I stayed up one night and watched every single episode and the movie. I then decided it was ok. So there 😀

  4. Happy Birthday Blog!

    Why would I like to win? Well if I did I would give the prize to my bro ‘cos he loves anime 🙂

    To many more.

  5. Happy Anniversary =)

    I’d like to win because not only do I like cherries(the same way I like my chapstick) but I’m being brought into Manga by a friend of mine, so if I turn up to her with a book it would blow her freaking mind…Not to mention the nerds in Forbidden Planet smell/freak me out 😉

  6. Happy birfday! I maded you a cake but I eated it.. :-[ 😦

    I’d like to win cos that little snippet of manga you showed me on the train last Saturday reminded me how class manga is and how I need to start watching it again!

  7. […] More prizey goodness. Kla is running a competition to give away a Manga and a diary. […]

  8. Well happy birthday, I can’t believe it’s been a year since you began, because I remember it so well!! Damn I feel old now… I think I deserve some pretty manga because you know I will love it like all my other manga, and I’m such a poor ickle student it’s hard to pay for such expensive manga!

    Regardless, I hope you keep up the great work, I love your blog and your face so ❤

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