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Dragons’ Den


Photo owned by G. McFly (cc)

As you should know, the Irish version of Dragons’ Den is premiering tonight at 22.15 on RTE One, featuring a cash register cleaning system. I’ve only seen a few episodes of the UK version of Dragons’ Den but I managed to catch the end of one episode but when the credits rolled something caught my eye before I switched channels. 


Original concept by Nippon TV


Nippon TV is a Japanese television station that originally created the premise of Dragons’ Den by inviting investor’s and inventor’s who normally wouldn’t have the chance to meet. Even I was unaware that Dragons’ Den was a Japanese concept which has been copied in several countries since I always heard about the British version. Typing ‘Dragons’ Den’ into a search engine will usually give the BBC’s version top priority with a Wikipedia page listed after it.

Although it’s pleasing to see that on the BBC page of Dragons’ Den they can at least acknowledge, however brief, a credit to the original concept whilst if you take a look around the Irish page near the top of the post no credit is given. However when I search terms ‘Japan’+’Dragons’+’Den’ on the RTE website a listing does come up as a result but it just seems to direct to the ‘About the Show’ page which again doesn’t acknowledge the concept.

Poor investigation by the Irish Times and IFTN.

Somebody obviously didn’t read up on the premise of Dragons’ Den.


3 Responses to “Dragons’ Den”

  1. What did the Romans ever do for us? 😛

  2. The main ones that come up on google are the UK and Irish Version, typical 😛

    I enjoyed the show last night, they seem to be a lot more ruthless.

  3. Is sean gallagher married ???

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