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Anime Film Festival

For some reason or another I always seem to get informed about Japanese related events from the same person. 🙂 The IFI is holding a Japanese Anime Weekend next weekend on 28th and 29th of March. I had my entire weekend mapped out as I planned to attend ‘A Dubliner’s Collection of Asian Art: The Albert Bender Exhibition’ at Collins Barracks and eventually weaving my way into the city to attend the festival. I’ve decided not to attend since there’s only one movie that I haven’t seen but being realistic I have to save for my Erasmus, it’s studying in a foreign University for a period of six months. I know that the UL’s Anime and Manga Society is attending the festival and that the society had started to hold free anime screenings at the University on Tuesday evenings but I’m not part of it and I blogged the reasons over here.  

The list of movies helped me to decide to stay at home and not attend the IFI Japanese Anime Festival.

Saturday 28th March

13.10 Naruto

15.00 (Talk) A Brief History of Post-War Japanese Animation

18.15 Sword of the Stranger

Sunday 29 March

13.45 Metropolis

15.45 (Talk) Japanese Animation for Adults

16.45 Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

Firstly, I despise Naruto. It’s genre of anime I like to call ‘never ending’, One Piece, Bleach, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball are part of this too. I vaguely recall that Naruto was in the top ten of global search engine at some stage so I guess even though I dislike it, it has to be doing something right in promoting anime worldwide. The link for the talk on the Saturday is wrong so I can’t be too critical of it then. Sword of the Stranger is the only anime in the line-up that I haven’t seen. I’m quite intrigued about it and I think I’ll buy the DVD since it’ll be a lot cheaper than the price of a weekend in Dublin.

Sunday’s movies are a bit more retro with mechanical chicks kicking ass being the main themes of the movies. I saw Metropolis on the good channel of RTE Two several years ago at two o’clock in the morning. I think I would have enjoyed it if I was more alert and paid proper attention. Looking back on it now, I can’t recall much but I’m unsure whether I thought it was worth it or not. I did watch it all so I guess it stands as engaging to say the least. I don’t think I’d bother too much with the talk unless I was hanging around to catch the last movie, although I have no idea who anyone would hang around for it. I had to watch the first Ghost in the Shell three times before I could be really grasped by the storyline. I made the mistake of buying Ghost in the Shell: Innocence, watched only once and I have no intention it view it ever again. I’ll go on an Escaflowne marathon followed by a couple of Studio Ghibli’s about a dozen times before I even consider picking it up again.

As far as I can see, all the movies are subtitled but I wonder if they’d be a decent similarity to The Girl Who Leapt Through Time on the silver screen.   



4 Responses to “Anime Film Festival”

  1. Metropolis is not a very good film, but it was based on Tezuka’s work.

    Innocence was about flashy animation mostly.

    Escaflowne marathon! Oh yeah, that will be fun 🙂

  2. Yeah the Escaflowne marathon is an appealing option for my Easter holidays but if they really wanted to pull crowds they might have picked up one of Studio Ghibli’s works.
    I’m really interested in the movie Sword of the Stranger. I haven’t researched it yet but have you heard about it before?

  3. Have fun on your Easter holiday 🙂

    Yes, Sword of the Stranger has a good director and art director, but I’ll pass on this one because the plot does not fit my taste and it seems to feature plenty of action. Ratings on ANN for the film indicate that it might be good though.

  4. Hey,
    nice to know students are aware of the societies existance and screenings.
    Unfortunate that you decided not to join, but I admire your determination to study and study proficently. Certainly being on committee for multiple societies this semester and personally organising the IFI trip has eaten into my study time.
    It was a great weekend anyway, everyone seemed to have enjoyed it, the talks were probably the highlight (although everyone seemed to enjoy Sword of the Stranger too).
    Cool blog anyway, hopefully see you around.

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