From Here to There to Japan One Day

Street Fighter IV

I’m a great fan of the Street Fighter franchise and it was the first interaction I ever had with both anime and manga, until I unmercifully butchered my sibling’s Street Fighter comics since I liked the pictures. I was caught off guard when it was advertised on television and you be able to estimate my happiness with the release of the latest game. I was going to wait for a few months until it dropped in price but on Mother’s Day when my brother was buying fragrant bouquets of flowers for mom, he picked up a second Xbox controller, Street Fighter IV and the latest Silent Hill game. I can say wholeheartedly it was a FTW moment. 😀

Opening sequence is fantastic and it gave me shivers but I had to fiddle around with the second controller trying to get it connect with the console. One bad thing is the difficulty levels on the game, ranging from easiest, very easy, easy, medium, medium hard, hard to very hard. I highly recommend that if you want to unlock all the characters quickly, set the difficulty mode to easiest with a one round thirty second match.

I would think that my brother and I would be pretty proficient with regards to the characters special moves and the like but we had set the time limit to infinity with a two round match, needless to say we got the unmerciful crap beat out of us on the easy difficulty. Taking turns against the final boss called Seth, we spent at least an hour as Crimson Viper who unlocks Cammy, the former brainwashed agent of Shadaloo but we eventually we gave up, since Lost was starting and it was quite late in the evening. When Lost finished, I tried again and discovered the easiest difficulty. I unlocked Cammy and then I unlocked Sakura via Ryu and finally unlocked Dan by playing as Sakura. Out of all the characters I used, Sakura was the only one to defeat Seth in battle as the rest of the I won by default due to the time limit. 🙂

It’s worth watching in high quality. 


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