From Here to There to Japan One Day


As you know if you’re a regular reader of this blog, I attended TCI a few weeks ago and that I only mentioned that the location of TCI was only a few blocks away from where I usually purchase my manga. On Sunday after TCI I dragged myself out of bed and asked Alexia to take me to this shop before I caught my train. The shelves were completely full and a few manga books were crammed underneath the shelves and there was literally hundreds of books but nothing caught my interest. I can remember venturing into this particular shop when the manga shelves were scantily clad and picking up five or six books last year. I guess quantity and doesn’t always come before quality.

Today I found myself wandering around the local shopping centre waiting for a lift home. I called into a DVD rental place which is finding itself in financial difficulty to the tune of €20 million in debt. I thought I could pick up some cheap enough DVD’s or even a Playstation game if there was anything on the shelves. To my utmost surprise I stumbled across a Playstation sale copy of Saint Seiya The Hades. I know nothing of the Saint Seiya series other than it is an anime and that it was being sold for €9.99. I just glanced at the back of the disc now and it is perfect condition, maybe there wasn’t a demand for it. Oh well, let’s see how it goes. 😀


After consulting with my observer, they decided that Tommy wins the first prize of the first volume of Blood+ and Thomas wins the awesome Pucca cherry memo.

Enjoy them and thanks to everyone who stopped by. 🙂


Almost a year ago I decided to start up my blog Klaraflame and although I’m passionate about Japanese culture, as everyone saw from my talk at TCI, I’m of the mind to expand my blogging horizons. I’ve come to the conclusion since Christmas, having more time does not necessarily equate to getting more tasks and blogging done. I was considering starting up a new personal blog but I doubt I’d have have the stamina to contribute to both without one of them eventually falling by the wayside. I hope to blog more about personal matters and  I will always have my set of Chibi Links. It’s more interesting to have a snippet of a life rather than the fortnightly reviews of manga and anime but don’t be mistaken I do have at least a dozen anime reviews rolling around in my head with about twenty or so drafts with a couple of sentences.

It’s January, the wallet emits a little puff of air from the Christmas spending and the manga forecast looks grim for the next month or so. In celebration of the first year of Klaraflame, there’s a little competition I have to tell you about. It’s important to note that the following prizes have been funded through my own pocket so please bear that in mind.

All you have to do is leave a comment and a reason why you’d like to win. I have an independent observer and I’ll post worldwide too. 🙂

Closing date is Monday 26th January at 12.00 p.m. GMT.

Results to be announced on Tuesday the 27th January.

1st Prize

Volume one of Blood+

2nd Prize

A Pucca diary memo, I was trying to be as gender neutral as possible. 🙂


Best of luck!


(Photos courtesy of Stephen, more photos)

Firstly, kudos to Enda and Alan for pulling this all together along with the sponsers of Mulley Communications, Spunout and Microsoft for supporting an Xbox 360. I know I had an awesome day for TeenCamp Ireland and I’m sure everyone else had a great time. It was great to meet the people behind the names on twitter and on the blogs. 

Caught the train up to Dublin with Tommy, nearly fell asleep a few times too. We met Alan at the train station, he was our elected guide through the streets of Dublin. Even Joe grabbed the Luas with us and soaked up our youthful energy for a while. I was so focused on the landmark of the store I buy my manga from until a pidgeon surprised me. I swore at it but I realised it was a crow, *shakes fist at Mister Crow-Pidgeon*.

The troublesome trio of Tommy, Alan and I swanned to the Filmbase basement around eleven and began our setting up activities. First up was Tommy and his talk.

I was up second talking about manga and anime but I think I was lucky enough to escape being recorded, as far as I know. So here’s a pic instead.


Later on there were some very interesting talks from David about the internet and programming, which has re-ignited my interest in web design. ChrisD gave a talk about gaming which was very humourous especially when the bear got caught in the rafters of Filmbase, take a look at the pictures. 🙂  Cian spoke about podcasting, which I thought was very informative as I didn’t really interact with podcasts until about a week ago.  

Without a doubt the best talk was by Ben called “How Tech Hooks You Up”. I didn’t take down his number though! 😀

A great experience and I know that I’d go again in a heartbeat. Keep up the great work guys!!


The obvious worsening economic climate that we are facing is a global problem but as a country, the little island of Ireland is in particularly murky waters. Japan is the largest importer of Irish goods and in an effort to drum up support from the country, the head of the Irish political party, Taoiseach Brian Cowen arrived in Tokyo a few days ago as part of an Irish envoy. As part of this envoy, meeting Emperor Akihito and Prime Minister Taro Aso are people that the Irish envoy intend to see.

Yesterday evening, Brian Cowen addressed Japanese business people in Tokyo in order to attract investment from Japanese companies to the little isle of Ireland. Over seventy Irish businesses were present at this conference as well as Enterprise Ireland and the IDA. So far two Japanese companies have shown interest in operating out of Ireland, so far creating 150 jobs between the two businesses.

Of course, the largest imported Irish product to Japan is Guinness Irish Stout which is distributed to over 24,000 Japanese bars and restaurants.




TeenCamp Ireland (TCI) is an event being organised for teenagers and for those young at heart. It’s a series of talks given by teenagers on topics that they are passionate about. I’ve volunteered to give a talk too, as you can guess I plan it to be focused on anime and manga.

The date is Saturday 17th January, venue is Filmbase on Curved Street in Dublin’s Temple Bar area between 1-7. Even better is that the event is free entry but you have to register online for numbers and you can even register to give a talk, so I hope to see you there!



Via Damien, a Spirited Away Obento.

Registered foreigners in Japan are eligible for “Free 12000 Yen” (approx €95)

A self-powering Japanese town.

Someone had a lot of time on their hands. Meet Aiko.

I learned Irish through English but in Japan they hope to teach English through English….

The revolutionary futuristic space toilet, aimed for completion in five years time.


I have to admit that my manga collection will not expand too much this year since I have to save for college when I study abroad next year. If you’re a fan of Dazzle the tenth volume was published on New Year’s Day this year! I ordered it since there was a cliff-hanger in the ninth volume that I got for Christmas. 🙂 Even better is that I don’t have college until the of January and tomorrow I’m going to see Twilight for the first time! >_< 

Even though I’m very happy at the moment, I believe that one good turn deserves another. 🙂 In celebration of the first anniversary of Klaraflame, I’m going to have a competition. I even bought a couple of prizes myself but I’ll blog about it more soon. 

That’s the New Year Yaysies. 🙂


I had the chance to exercise my anime mind when I attended my first blogger meet up last Sunday, hosted by the enigmatic pancake tsar Tommy Collision and a diverse mix of personalities attended between getting dessert twice, people running around outside in the Irish cold to test speedometers, people pushing cars to make space and (not including myself) everyone’s love for their own iPhone, (virtually owning an iPhone included!) 🙂  The nattering lasted into the wee hours and some people honestly tweeted the event.


A few bloggers I know own the badge below and say the tagline on it too and that is…

I Trust Tommy

Klaraflame trusts Tommy


It’s been a while but I was holding off until I could add manga purchased after Christmas to the entire list of manga presents. Being brief and straight to the point here’s the list and please bear in mind that a big chunk of the manga are xmas presents to myself. 🙂

The second volume of Otogo Zoshi which I’ve never heard of before and I don’t think I like it very much either.

Blood + 1, 2, 3, 4

Dazzle 9

Death Note 1

Forest of Gray City/Running Through the City in the Sunset 1, 2

Imadoki 1

Mugen Spiral 1

Ultimate Venus 1, 2

I’m nearly sure that’s it. I hope you had a great xmas too!